anders in Tsjechie anders verbouwd |
In de herfst van 2005 vonden wij via internet dit bijzondere plekje.
anders in Tsjechie different house |
The house is a former forresters house built in 1905 and is situated on 1.2 hectares of land. There is an orchard next to the house and the grounds border on a nature reserve. The forrester's family inhabited the house until around 8 years ago.
anders in Tsjechie different location |
The house lies in the forrest, 1 kilometer from the village of Pasecnice, (190 inhabitants, with small shop). It is not the only house in the area, the land is flanked on one side with a few Czech chatas. This sort of holiday home is abundant in natural areas of the Czech Republic because during the communist era, people were only allowed to holiday on their own land.
anders in Tsjechie different water |
The house has always had its own water supply from a clear water spring. The Czechs come from near and far to get this healthy, soft water.
anders in Tsjechie different interior |
For the interior plan, see "the house"
anders in Tsjechie different heating |
The house has always had its own water supply from a clear water spring. The Czechs come from near and far to get this healthy, soft water.

anders in Tsjechie different silence |
It is often so silent here, that you can only hear a dog barking in the village 1 km away. That is why this is the perfect place to find peace and relaxation.

anders in Tsjechie different veranda |
The unusual scrap wood veranda was designed by the Czech artist Tomas Tichy. The large table in the living room was also his design.
anders in Tsjechie different Europe |
Through communism, which ended in 1989, Eastern Europe underwent a different development. That is why you will experience the Czech Republic as a different Europe, even though it is so closeby.
anders in Tsjechie different distance |
Against expectation, Pasecnice lies just 780 km from Utrecht.
anders in Tsjechie different prices |
The Czech Republic does not, as yet, have the Euro, (expected in 2013), but the Czech Kroon (Czk). The cost of living is far cheaper than in the Netherlands. Eating and drinking out is especially cheap.
anders in Tsjechie different times |
The technical development in the Czech Republic was far slower than ours during the Communist era.   The Czech have had a great advantage from the laws relating to limited development and therefor have one of the most modern mobile phone networks and reliable electric payment systems.
anders in Tsjechie different habits |
The Czechs always wear slippers indoors.   Guests will also be offered slippers.
anders in Tsjechie different level |
The house lies 570 meters above sea level.
anders in Tsjechie different landscape |
The glowing friendly landscape contains woods, mixed with rolling fields and stretching panoramas. The house lies on the edge of the Boheemse and Beierse forrest.
anders in Tsjechie different climate |
The Czech Republic has a land climate. This means that the weather patterns are stable, with warm summers and cold winters.
anders in Tsjechie different environment |
The untouched nature gives you a high chance of encountering deer, wild boars, marters, foxes and other wildlife. Deer often graze in the garden.
anders in Tsjechie different walks |
There is a great network of beautiful old walking routes in the Czech Republic. For instance, three routes go past the property. In contrast to the Netherlands, you seldom meet anyone whilst on these walks. Walking maps of the immediate and extended surroundings are available.
anders in Tsjechie different treatments |
In Bad Kötzting, 29 km from the house, lies the treatment baths Aqacur. Next to the swimming pool and a sauna section, there are also health baths and you can take advantage of a range of massages and relaxation packages.
anders in Tsjechie different winter sport |
Ten kilometers from the house, just over the German border in Furth im Wald, are prepared loipes. There is also a small piste There is also a welcoming family piste in Neukirchen beim Heiligenblut, 25 kilometers away. It is possible to hire skis and take lessons here. The piste is at 1,050 m altitude and has grades blue, red and black. A ski tow and chairlift are available. This is a wonderful piste to ski with children.
anders in Tsjechie different swimming |
Three kilometers from the house, lies the Babylon swimming lake, (photo left) and kilometers away, in a former stone quarry, is the Lomocek swimming lake, (photo right). It is also possible to scuba dive at the later. There are small catering facilities at both lakes.
anders in Tsjechie different golf |
There is a beautiful 18 hole golf course in the nature reserve of the town of Furth im Wald, (just over the German border, approximately 10 km from the house).
anders in Tsjechie actief en anders |
In de Tsjechische editie van de serie ‘Actief en anders’ van de ANWB staat een prachtige wandeltocht beschreven die op 5 km van het huis begint. Het boekje is aanwezig.